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Hino Diagnostic Explorer v3.1.6

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The HINO Diagnostic eXplorer (hereafter referred to as HINO DX) is a tool equipped with all the functions needed to diagnose trouble, check functions, and configure the settings of the electronic systems built into HINO engines.

The program runs on a personal computer (PC) equipped with a Windows95, 98, 2000, or XP operating system (OS), and it connects to a communication network by means of a diagnosis connector via a communication I/F. After it is connected to a communication network, it can carry out various operations by extracting information from the engine ECU.

Main Functions
– Hino Diagnostic eXplorer –

This software can be get information of diagnostic from the vehicle’s ECU.
*”All equipments” is not available in Hino-Bowie.
*”All equipments” is available only DST-i.

・Fault information
Can be get information of failure Information (DTC) from the vehicle’s ECU.

・Data monitor
Can be get information of ECU data from the vehicle’s ECU.

・Activation test
Forced drive to each part. (Actuator, Relay, Lamp…etc.)

Customize the vehicle parameter setting. Save and write to each system.

・Manufacturer parameters
Customize the part of the manufacturer parameter setting.

・System protection data
ECU parameters (Quantity survey data) are able to confirm and clear to each system.

・Learned Value
ECU parameters (Learned value) are able to confirm and clear to each system.

・Save/Load ECU Feature
ECU parameters (User customizes, Manufacturers parameters) are able to save and write to each system.

– Hino Reprog Manager –

This application software can change the ECU program.
700 / 600 / 500 Series Truck / Bus
E, P, J series engine system
A series engine system
VCS (Vehicle Control System)
EBS (Electric Brake System)
DCU (Dosing Control Unit)
BCU (Burner Control Unit)

300 Series Truck
N series engine system
J series engine system
VCS (Vehicle Control System)
ABS (Antilock Brake System)

Vender Name: ParTech J2534 Multi-Protocol Adaptor
Device Name: Partech MX1 USB Device
ProtocolsSupported: J1850VPW, J1850PWM, ISO9141, ISO14230, CAN, ISO15765, SCI_A_ENGINE, SCI_A_TRANS, SCI_B_ENGINE, SCI_B_TRANS, KWP81, KWP82, GM_ALDL

Vender Name: Pi Technology
Device Name: SID (SAE->RP1210)
ProtocolsSupported: CAN,ISO9141,ISO15765,ISO14230,J1708,J1939

Vender Name: Hino Motors, Ltd
Device Name: HINO-BOWIE
ProtocolsSupported: ISO9141, KWP2000, CAN

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