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GOVARDSOFT is the largest truck reprogramming training company in the world today.

The date of its foundation is 2016 (twenty sixteen).

The main mission of the company is to teach users from different countries how to program diesel trucks.

The company works in the following directions:

– Programming and training on deletion of DPF DEF EGR VGT on Volvo, Detroit, and Cummins trucks,
– Distance deletion of EGR DPF DEF VGT systems on Volvo, Cummins, and Detroit trucks,
– Sale of laptops with software for the diagnosis of trucks.


We are not just sellers, we are developers. Every day we work on new developments for a wide range of vehicles.


Our main products are:
– Training on deletion of DPF DEF EGR on Volvo
– Training on deletion of DPF DEF EGR VGT on Cummins
– Training on deletion of DPF DEF EGR on Detroit


Why are we credible?



– international scale,
– reliability, as over the years we have not received any bad feedback on our work, there were no trucks having any problems as a result of our products application,
– thousands of grateful reviews on our products,

– absence of our products analogues worldwide. No one can teach and give you knowledges as well as we do it, elsewhere you will be most likely deceived and your money will be appropriated.


Annually we have 1 000 satisfied customers around the world.

It’s just the beginning! The potential of GOVARDSOFT is inexhaustible!

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Choose us and enjoy!

1st of May 2019 year, GOVARDSOFT signed a sponsorship contract with one of the hockey team from Russian league Iceberg (Yekaterinburg city). We are support the sport and healthy, when you buy our products you support the sport!

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