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About our Deletes

About EGR system and why it bad

It emits exhaust gases, which were supposed to go into the atmosphere, back to the engine along with the air that comes from the turbine. This air is mixed with the exhaust gases and goes back to the engine. The track flies into the cylinders, gets into the oil, clogs the piston rings and there is a faster wear of the piston group. If you remove the EGR, the engine will walk about 25% longer.

About DPF

The particle filter To burn the filter used and the injector, and all these things reduce the motor’s engine life by half. To burn During the burning, the nozzles open, supply so much fuel that it does not burn out, flies into the outlet pipe and burns out there, due to which the length of the flame and the ignition of the diesel particulate filter. When the injectors feed the fuel, not everything burns, it breaks through the rings, gets into the oil, the oil loses its properties, removes the oil film in the cylinder and the piston dies very quickly.


Works with exhaust fumes, unnecessary costs and troubles, additional expenses.


It works with the program that is on the engine, with the native program. We pull it out and turn off the EGR DPF DEF, and turn it off in this program. All other organizations make one file and sculpt it on all other cars. This file does not take into account any equipment that could be used if it were one and the same, in order to increase power, we just turn everything off of it. We can raise the power, and then turn off the ecology. That’s what our technology is better than others. For example: If the turbine on the engine is designed for 450 hp, they did on the firmware 600 and change the crowd map, respectively, a lot of air is supplied. And from the excess air, the combustion temperature begins to rise. The cylinder has a high temperature and the piston burns, because of this the engine runs 2-3 times less than usual. We may have a small loss of power, but we do not really damage the engine and after our removal the engine goes longer. It turns out that we increase the service life engine, as well as depriving you of the cost of maintaining all these systems systems

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