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Bendix ACom Diagnostics 6.5

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Bendix truck ABS diagnostics program

ELYRIA, Ohio – October 24, 2007 – Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC recently celebrated the 5000th download of its BendixR AComT diagnostics software. This milestone in customer service demonstrates the Bendix commitment to assisting fleets and technicians in the diagnosis, repair, troubleshooting and recalibration of components that form its antilock braking and stability systems by providing free, easy access to BendixR AComT via the Internet or in a CD format at no cost from the www.bendix.com literature center.

Developed in 2004 to simplify troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair of Bendix ABS for service technicians, BendixR AComT diagnostics software is a MicrosoftR WindowsR-based program that interfaces with the vehicle via an RP1210 adaptor to reduce steps in the troubleshooting process by directing the technician straight to the diagnostic trouble code and providing support, such as recalibration of key ESP sensors, for a complete and efficient repair.

It covers current and most earlier generations of both tractor and trailer ABS applications from Bendix, including the BendixR ABS-6 Advanced with ESPR electronic stability program.

It’s a technologically advanced complement to the other Bendix customer service offerings, including the Bendix SWAT team, the Bendix remote diagnostic unit and the 1-800-AIR-BRAKE (1-800-247-2725) customer service phone center.

“Bendix believes that keeping trucks on the road is critical to the success of carriers and shippers alike. We start first with a high-quality system in the BendixR ABS-6 and TABS-6 antilock braking systems but, when repairs are needed, we want to ensure that technicians can get to the problem quickly and implement the needed fix correctly to get the truck or trailer back on the road,” noted Fred Andersky, Bendix electronics marketing manager. “Our multi-faceted approach, which includes readily available, easy-to-access diagnostics software, as well as technicians on the phone and in the field, helps the fleet service team keep their trucks’ brakes operating effectively and safely.”

Because of the success of the BendixR AComT software, Bendix anticipates releasing an updated version in early November.

“Keeping BendixR AComT the best it can be helps technicians keep their Bendix braking systems the best and safest they can be,” said Andersky. “And Bendix will continue to deliver on this promise. As new diagnostic approaches are found and new Bendix braking system solutions are added, BendixR AComT will continue evolving. Technicians will always have an improved and readily available diagnostic tool to troubleshoot and correct any issues quickly and effectively with Bendix antilock braking and stability systems, keeping trucks in good operation, on the road and ultimately keeping the highways safer.”

The BendixR AComT software is compatible with WindowsR 98, NT, 2000 and XP operating systems, and supports the following BendixR ABS systems and electronic control units:
EC-17T, Generation 4 and 5, EC-30T, EC-60T (standard, premium and advanced), A-18T,
MC-30T and the trailer antilock braking TABS-6 unit.

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