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Meritor Wabco Toolbox 11.5

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Meritor WABCO does not manufacture hardware adapter devices for communications with the vehicle data bus (J1587or PLC). However, our Toolbox software will work with any adapter that is RP1210A compliant.
The software driver for the adapter is supplied by the adapter vendor and must be loaded on the PC. Toolbox will provide a “pick list” of all vendors that it finds on the PC. When Toolbox is installed, the Noregon driver is also installed Therefore the pick list will always include Noregon as a vendor and the devices that it supports. After choosing a vendor, the user picks the protocol to communicate over (J1708 or PLC) and picks the device which is attached to the vehicle. The pick lists are found under SYSTEM SETUP / COM PORT from the main menu screen. A table in this document shows some of the available devices. Always make sure that the device (adapter) being used is properly selected on TOOLBOX – SYSTEM SETUP – COM PORT. If it does not show up in the list, it will not work.

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