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Paccar MX13 2010-2016


• Video tutorial, full steps on video
• File with all parametres which you need to change
• All files which you need for use this manual
• Available to download after payment

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What is the product?

Here is full step-by-step tutorial for deletion DPF DEF EGR on Paccar MX13 engines. By this product you will be can learn how to do deletions youself on this type of vehicle.

Only high quality deletion

Package inlcude: Video tutorial which include all steps, specail edition files  developed by Govardsoft Limited



Main features:

No fault codes.
No derates.
Minimal intervention into current ECU settings. We know what we do. No one unrelated parameter will be changed.
Only quality job with original file, not just put one file to all trucks
Very simple system requirements. See the list below.
Limited lifetime warranty.

System requirements:

Laptop/PC/VM with Windows 7 32 bit
Communication adapter: KESS + RP1210A (Nexiq, Noregon, DPA etc)
TeamViewer (download latest version from www.teamviewer.com)

Warranty terms and conditions:

You will be receive full support on every steps if you will be have any questions.

Always online and ready to help you by whats app.

Can do first deletion with you remotely and show you all steps (charges apply)

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