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Hi to all readers of the blog of the GOVARDSOFT company
Yesterday, when we did removal of DPF and SCR on Cummins ISBe 6.7 CM2350 there was an unusual, but unsurprising case.
Before beginning our work on remote control deletion, we always ask ESN, ECM part number and we check through the Cummins Quickserve database.
This time we also checked everything and began preparation for work. We very strongly were surprised when we saw that instead of calibration of DR90007 for this ECM and Engine, in truck been other.
In general in ECM there was a file from other vehicle. The customer asked to disconnect systems by CM2350 European ISBe 6.7 bus, but in ECM there was a calibration of ISB 6.7 CM2350 USA TRUCK.
We very strongly were surprised, began to ask questions to the customer and it turned out that the owner of this bus already tried to make deletion SCR and DPF systems in other workshop.
We can draw a conclusion that it arrived to service where people do not understand anything in the sphere of deletion emissions. They thought that if put in this ECM file from other ISB 6.7 CM2350,
that everything will be good.
NO, everything will not be good because it is absolutely different models, the different hinged equipment and just different ID Truck.
We strongly recommend to do remote control deletion DPF DEF EGR VGT only at true professionals who understand what they do. It is not necessary to try to save on it.
You can save and receive big problems in the future. Choose professionals, the Govardsoft Limited company works on the Internet 3 years, and specialists of the company are engaged
programming more than 15 years. We have an extensive experience, we know everything about diesel engines and mozhe to cope with any task. Also we can teach you to do qualitative deletions
on diesel trucks as: Volvo, Cummins, Detroit, Maxxforce, Caterpillar. For example: Our solution for CM2350 ISB 6.7 compatible and for USA and for Europe trucks, because we working with original file from ECM,
we never use one tuning file for all trucks!
Choose us and enjoy!

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